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Things to Find Out About Hair Loss in Teen

The condition of teenage hair loss can make self-confidence ‘fall out’, especially if it occurs in young girls. Unlike other ages, the causes of hair loss in adolescent girls are more specific. There are at least four of the most common causes of hair loss for young girls. Here are four causes of hair loss in teen girls that can be prevented and treated immediately:

Hormonal changes
At puberty, there are hormonal changes in the body of teenage girls. These changes affect emotions, eating habits, and hair growth. One of the hormones that affect hair growth is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When the DHT hormone is not balanced, it can make teenage girls’ hair fall out easily.

Poor nutrition
Many are not aware that nutrition plays a very important role in hair strength. If, poor nutrition, no wonder it causes hair loss. In most of the mattresses, hair loss occurs in girls due to improper nutritional intake. If you consume too many carbohydrates and fats but lack of fruits and vegetables, it makes your hair fall out easily. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for hair strength.

Excessive styling
Many girls love to follow hair trends. Starting from joining in curling, painting, and using hair make-up products. When exposed to straighteners, curlers, or other chemical products every day, it’s no wonder your hair becomes dry and brittle.

Serious medical problems
Sometimes, severe hair loss problems can occur due to serious medical problems. In some cases, hair loss occurs when you have scalp infections, thyroid disorders, or scalp abnormalities. In many cases, hair loss with a serious medical condition is usually followed by symptoms of an inflamed scalp or the child’s body is easily tired.

Over-the-counter drugs like Rogaine are quite beneficial if used continuously, but only to stop hair loss, not to grow it back. You may notice hair that is shorter and thinner than your usual hair, but this kind of growth will slow down if you stop using the medication.

Consult a dermatologist if your symptoms are severe. The very rapid hair loss at a young age should be treated immediately by a medical professional. Unusual hair loss, such as baldness in multiple places, or hair loss in just one area, also may signal a serious problem. You should tell your doctor about pain, itching, redness, scaly scalp, and other abnormal symptoms, as well as the loss that is accompanied by weight gain, muscle weakness, or easily aches and fatigue.