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Avoid These To Prevent Hair Loss!

Having beautiful, strong, and healthy hair is the desire of everyone, especially girls. When hair looks thick, shiny, and healthy, it can increase one’s self-confidence. Hence, when you experience hair problems such as teenage hair loss or dry hair, immediately take care of your hair to the salon or do your own treatment at home.

There are many factors that can cause a person to experience hair loss, namely due to age, medical conditions, heredity, or due to chemical processes that have been carried out, such as dyeing and permanently straightening hair. Before dealing with hair loss, first, find out what causes your hair loss.

Usually, the normal hair loss per day is 50-100 strands. The factors that cause hair loss also vary, from stress to an unhealthy lifestyle, coupled with the wrong hair care habits. For the last point, here are some mistakes you should avoid:

Tied hair too tight
For field activities, considering the ponytail-style hair is super comfortable. But, you should also pay attention to the weakness and strength of the bonds you give. The habit of tying too tightly can interfere with the health of your hair because it will pull the hair stronger and lead to hair loss, breakage, or even inflammation which results in hair permanently stopping growing.

Wash with warm water
When you shower too early or take a shower at night, people usually tend to prefer to shower with warm water. This can have a relaxing effect, but it is also associated with hair, it actually makes the roots of the hair weak. If the temperature is too hot, it can also cause hair damage, such as breakage, dryness, and fall out. Therefore, make sure the temperature you use when shampooing and try to wash it using cold water.

Too often use hair styling
Many girls are willing to spend hours in front of the mirror or at the salon to do hair care. Which do you use often, hairdryer, straightener, or curling iron? Whatever the tools are, it turns out that these tools can be bad for your hair if you use them too often because they can dry out the roots of your hair and break your hair easily. Hence, it’s no wonder that hair loss occurs more easily.

Quitting bad habits that can lead to hair loss and replacing them with good habits can also solve the problem:

Change the habit of brushing your hair tightly when you wash your hair to a softer one, and avoid using your nails when scratching your scalp.

Get used to eating a balanced nutritional diet every day.