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Adjusting Hair Care for Teens

Hair loss, especially in teenagers, is a very annoying and even embarrassing problem. Hair will fall out when something stops growing, and if it becomes brittle or breaks. Hair that has stopped growing will not grow back until you have identified and resolved the problem that is causing the teenage hair loss. Problems that cause hair loss at a young age include stress, poor hair care, or health conditions.

Choosing one of the many products on the grocery store haircare shelf may leave you confused. However, taking the time to read the packaging labels, and choosing a shampoo and conditioner that suits your specific needs is helpful. For example, if you have dyed hair, use products that are labeled “for color-treated hair.” If your hair is damaged or undergoes frequent chemical treatments, look for a “2-in-1” shampoo.

Some professional hairstylists recommend using baby shampoo, which is gentler on your hair. Regardless of the price, the benefits of different shampoo and conditioner brands are basically the same. So, don’t feel that it costs a fortune to buy a product that suits your hair type. Beware of products that claim to prevent hair loss or promote hair growth because there is no scientific evidence to support them. Ask your hairdresser or dermatologist for advice on how to find the best hair care product for you.

Wash your hair regularly. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and conditioner once every day or every other day, especially if you have oily hair. You might think that washing your hair every day will promote hair loss, but it is not. Hair follicles cannot function properly if they are clogged with dirt or oil. Washing your hair regularly will improve follicle health and prevent hair loss that leads to baldness.

The part you should pay attention to when washing your hair with shampoo is the scalp, not the hair shaft. Just washing your hair will leave it dry, brittle, and easy to break. Use conditioner after every shampooing to restore moisture to your hair and improve its strength. Unlike shampoo, the conditioner should not hit the scalp, focus on using conditioner at the ends of the hair. Applying conditioner to the scalp can cause clogged and damaged follicles. Avoid rubbing hair vigorously with a towel after shampooing as it will break and break.

Protect hair from heat. Avoid all processes that might cause heat damage: let your hair dry on its own and try a hairstyle that matches your hair’s natural texture. You may need to use heat when styling your hair for a special occasion. If you have to heat your hair, use heat protection products on your hair.