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Treatment Mistakes That Make Hair Loss

Many women with teenage hair loss solve the problem by changing their hairstyles or cutting them. However, what you don’t know is that the pattern of hair loss in women usually has a strong genetic component that is passed on from mother or father.

Apart from being genetic, mistakes in hair care can also cause hair loss. Here are some common mistakes that we often don’t realize can cause hair loss.

Washing Too Often
So far, many people think that shampooing every day can nourish their hair. In fact, routine shampooing can actually remove natural moisture and affect the balance of the oil glands on the scalp. If you are an active person and you sweat a lot, wetting your scalp is the best way to break the sweat without using shampoo.

Combing Hair when Wet
Combing your hair when it’s wet can also cause hair to fall out quickly. The reason is when the hair is wet in a fragile condition. You need to wait until it is half dry and then comb it. When it is half dry, the roots of the hair are back to their normal temperature, so they are ready for the shock that usually occurs when brushing.

Changing hair color too often
For those of you who like to change hair color, it turns out that this habit can also weaken the hair roots and become the cause of hair loss. The reason is, the chemicals in the dye can weaken the hair roots and make them fall out quickly. Ideally, twice a year is the maximum duration for changing hair color.

Scrubbing hair with a towel
Another mistake in hair care that is often not realized is rubbing hair with a towel after shampooing. Like combing, this habit can also reduce the strength of the hair roots. It’s good that after shampooing, you wipe your hair with a soft towel, but dry only the ends, no need to rub hard on the head of the hair.

Not Using Hair Vitamins
Many people trifle with the application of hair vitamins which they think is unnecessary. The reason is that the shampoo used contains adequate nutrition. In fact, applying hair vitamins is also necessary. Especially if you are typical of colored hair or frequently use a hairdryer. These two habits can make hair brittle, especially split ends. Hence, regularly applying hair vitamins can strengthen your hair.